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At Unique Food Company, the values of family, loyalty and excellence are crucial elements to the way we do business. Unique Food Company was founded in 1988 by the DeAngelis family in a 500 square ft. facility in which the founder, Lou DeAngelis, cut mushrooms daily with a hand-operated slicer.

Unique Food Company has grown substantially through our 24 years in business, and we are now located in a 14,000 square ft. food processing and distribution center in Raleigh, NC. Our facilites include state-of-the-art food equipment, such as our three temperature-controlled coolers. This helps us maintain the continuous “cold chain,” ensuring food is always refrigerated and kept as fresh as possible. As always, our first priority is to food safety and quality.

The Unique Food Company Team

Founded by Lou DeAngelis, Unique Food is still owned and operated by the DeAngelis family. Our team is tight-knit and works together well to give our clients to best in food quality and customer service. All of the members of our food delivery management team have been with Unique Food for more than a decade, and together have a combined 80 years of experience working in the food distribution industry.

Recognition for Our Excellence in Food Quality & Safety

Unique Food Company has such a strong commitment to the quality and safety of all the food and produce we deliver, that over the past decade, we have chosen to be audited by third-party inspectors to evaluate our facilities, delivery trucks and overall food handling procedures.

Our commitment to quality in produce and service is backed by more than a decade of certifications, achievements and awards. Our latest and most notable recognitions was achieving SQF 2000 Level 3 certification, the highest standard in food safety and quality. Unique Food is the only North Carolina food distributor to have achieved this distinction.

Call Unique Food Company today for more information on our food safety procedure or to make your order for fresh produce delivery in NC! Our food distribution area includes cities throughout North Carolina, including Fayetteville, Raleigh, GreensboroWinston-SalemDurhamChapel Hill, NC and many more in between.

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