Unique Food Company: the NC Restaurant Food Supplier Committed to Food Safety

/Unique Food Company: the NC Restaurant Food Supplier Committed to Food Safety
Unique Food Company: the NC Restaurant Food Supplier Committed to Food Safety2016-10-12T19:24:47+00:00

First and foremost, Unique Food is committed to food safety. The safety and quality of the food we process and provide is always foremost in our minds and priorities. Others, too, have noticed our commitment to food safety; Unique Food has received multiple certifications, recognitions and achievements as a result of our ongoing quest for absolute food safety.

We know that it’s more than just our business on the line—it is your restaurant’s reputation, too. We take this responsibility and take every measure to provide our NC restaurant clients with safe, quality produce you can always be proud to serve. You can always trust Unique Food for safe, healthy food and produce.

Unique Food Company’s Food Safety Procedures

We strive for our food safety programs to be superior so can can guarantee customers throughout our NC food distribution area receive the highest quality produce. We achieve our high standards through the development and implementation of rigorous receiving procedures, safety and security plans and facility sanitation programs and testing. Other examples of our food safety and quality programs include the following company practices:

  • Refrigerated product never breaks the cold chain, from incoming refrigerated trucks to Unique food’s refrigerated loading docks and refrigerated and temperature controlled coolers and warehouse.
  • Careful selection of produce suppliers through an approved supplier program requiring all of our suppliers to have current third party audits.
  • Strict enforcement of Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Continuous and frequently updated food safety training for all employees.

HACCP Prerequisite programs (Recall Program, Sanitation, Pest Control, Plant Inspections, Product and Environmental Microbiology Testing) are a part of our everyday NC food processing and handling procedures:

  • Receiving/Initial Inspection.
  • Daily Truck Inspections.
  • Hourly Monitoring of in-process product temperatures to ensure continuity of the cold chain.
  • Metal Detector checked hourly.
  • Multiple Temperature zones monitored continuously via video surveillance cameras.
  • Final outbound inspections.
  • Use-by dating of finished products.
  • FIFO (first-in, first-out rotation of product) minimizes storage time and ensures freshness.
  • Controlled access and surveillance video cameras throughout our facility and main entrances as part of our comprehensive food defense/plant security plan.
Call Unique Food Company today for more information on our food safety procedure or to make your order for fresh produce delivery in NC! Our food distribution area includes areas throughout North Carolina, around cities from Fayetteville, Raleigh, GreensboroWinston-SalemDurhamChapel Hill, NC and many more in between.